Warranty Customer Promise

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. 

Warranty Information:

Some items we offer carry a manufacturer’s warranty, which in many instances is stated on the website under the warranty tab on the product page. 

All stated or implied warranties are supported by the manufacturer of the specific product. Warranty claim processes and procedures vary by manufacturer. If you need help with the factory warranty claim process or find that you have a defective product, please login to your account here or go to the contact us page and a Customer Relationship Specialist will be in touch.

Due to the electrical integrity that can be compromised on some items, we cannot accept requests for returns on the following: Ballasts, Light Fixtures and Electrical Parts. If a ballast or fixture is claimed to be defective, please contact a customer relationship specialists and then fill out the RMA request form. Defective ballast are rare. Defective claim procedures vary by manufacturer. Some ballast will be sent back for testing, so do not discard your ballast. Defective claims will been sent to the factory for testing. Once the factory has deemed it to be defective and not improperly installed; either a credit will be issued or a replacement will be sent.

Please be advised that for many warranty claim issues, the product in question will need to be sent back to the manufacturer for testing, please do not discard the product.

Please Note: The average life hours stated on bulbs is not an implied factory warranty.

Again, is here to help you out if you have a defective product that falls under the manufacturers stated warranty terms.