UV Germicidal Lamp Advisory

Special Advisory Regarding UV Germicidal Lamps

In light of the situation with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we have received many requests about alternative uses for our UV germicidal lamps. While UV germicidal lamps have been known to effectively eliminate many viruses, airborne bacteria, and mold spores, we are unaware of its effectiveness against COVID-19, specifically. Additionally, UV radiation (UVR) used in most germicidal lamps is harmful to both skin and eyes, and germicidal lamps should not be used in any fixture or application that was not designed specifically to prevent exposure to humans or animals. We cannot stress enough to handle and use UV germicidal lamps as intended, and with extreme caution.

We understand everyone’s concern and need to maintain a sterile environment. We urge everyone to take all reasonable measures possible to disinfect your surroundings, using antibacterial cleaners and sanitizing wipes, as well as the CDC guidelines for staying safe during these uncertain and stressful times. Here is a quick link to the CDC's recommendations to best prepare your household:

We hope this helps everyone navigate through these unprecedented times.

Be Safe and Best Regards!

Your Atlanta Light Bulbs Team