Lighting Retrofits Atlanta


A lighting retrofit is a term used in the lighting industry to describe the process of upgrading & improving the lighting in a facility. There can be many reasons a potential client wants to upgrade their lighting. For some it is energy & maintenance savings and others may have an initiative to invest in sustainable technologies. The coolest thing about a lighting retrofit is that you can earn rebates from your power company to help offset the expense of investing in new lighting!

So how do we do it?

When attempting energy savings, lighting is the first place in a facility to look for savings because changes are usually easy, inexpensive and have a quick payback period. Our 3 step process is customized to meet your unique facility’s needs and budget while maximizing energy savings, rebate qualifications and project goals.


The first step is to assess current lighting conditions. Measuring current conditions against calculated upgrades will present the expected savings. Understanding current lighting conditions and needs will aid in determining applicable technologies and recommendations. To conduct a basic lighting analysis we will first need to gather basic lighting information, such as the number of lights, their location, and their time in use to help you understand the current energy use attributed to lighting in the facility. Detailed layers of energy use can be collected and scrutinized depending on your facilities goals established in your initial intake interview.


The second step is determining the appropriate energy efficient lighting technologies available that offer the best possible savings while maximizing available utility rebates. Depending on the size of your facility and the variety of existing lamps and fixtures this step is typically the most involved and can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the level of detail requested. In cases where energy monitoring and baseline usage data is gathered the evaluation can take several months.


The third step is to present the Energy Efficient Lighting Plan (EELP) This plan details out the best practices and products recommended to obtain maximum energy efficiency and savings. We provide a detailed analysis of your estimated current energy usage, projected energy efficient upgrade usage, complete return on investment (ROI) report as well as metrics on your estimated annual greenhouse gas reductions. This allows you to look comprehensively at your project, and reach your efficiency goals with a clear road-map to success.


What are the Benefits of Improved lighting?

Aside from energy savings and reduced operational cost, clients who are conserving energy also benefit from improved light levels, improved safety on site, increased productivity and happier employees. We want to understand your goals and make sure to present a solutiont that meets your needs...not just another out of the box lighting system. We strive to offer you substantial cost savings, complete sustainable tailored solutions through personal comprehensive service. 

Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

All lighting projects are different, it is imperative that you understand what you are getting into and what questions to ask of us or any potential lighting solutions provider. 

Our Process is outlined here.

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