Lighting Technologies

Modern light up city seen from above

These days, keeping up with the latest lighting technologies is no easy task. Modern lighting is a far cry from the simple bulbs of yesteryear, and today’s revolutionary lighting products are changing how we view the lighting industry as a whole. Check out some of the most exciting new lighting innovations that are currently changing the game.

LED Retrofit Lamps

LEDs have forever altered the face of modern lighting, delivering incredible efficiency, dependability, and longevity. The problem for many home and business owners is that buying new fixtures and ballasts to accommodate LEDs just isn’t realistic. LED retrofit lamps make it easy to transition over to clean, efficient LED lighting—you simply plug them in like normal bulbs and you’re good to go!

Wireless Lighting Control

While it may not be the most breathtaking of the latest lighting technologies, wireless lighting does offer some serious benefits. The most obvious advantage is that less wiring means less hassle and complication. Additionally, wireless lighting makes it easy to install lighting virtually anywhere, including areas inaccessible when using wired systems. Want to illuminate that tree in the backyard? Go for it.

Horticulture Lights

Being able to grow plants from the comfort of your own home is a luxury that’s often taken for granted. Horticulture lights are able to mimic sunlight astoundingly effectively, making it one of the most useful lighting technologies. Beyond allowing you to enjoy an indoor garden, horticulture lights can be tweaked and adjusted in a way that really puts you in control of the growth process.

Smart Bulb Technology

Smart bulb technology is perhaps the pinnacle of lighting innovations, conjuring visions of future societies that have finally come to fruition. Whether you’re activating your home lighting system with a verbal command, controlling the dimming with a smartphone app, or listening to your favorite music through a built-in Bluetooth speaker, connecting your lighting system to the internet is a huge step in the world of lighting technologies.

Bluetooth Mesh Lighting

Bluetooth mesh lighting is still in its early stages, as of 2018, but the technology is poised to change the world. Essentially, what it does is eliminate the need for a lighting control box, connecting hundreds of devices such as lights, switches, and sensors wirelessly, and making it possible to communicate with them over long distances. Eventually, it may even be possible to run applications using lighting systems as a platform, allowing for further customization.

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