A Guide to Common Types of Lighting Fixtures


There are many different types of lighting fixtures available on the market today. While the types of fixtures are virtually endless, familiarizing yourself with a few of the most common styles and designs can help you make better decisions when it comes to lighting your home or business.

Discover how to better illuminate your world with this handy guide on common lighting fixture options!

Decorative Fixtures

Lamps and ceiling fans are typically functional yet decorative pieces that also provide gentle ambient or overhead task lighting. Floor lamps are ideal for nestling behind furniture or in corners where light from other fixtures doesn’t quite reach. Table lamps can be used to fill empty spaces, providing horizontal or vertical light in specific locations. A ceiling fan can be a preferred choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and commercial or restaurant spaces when AC or central air is limited or unavailable. These units can provide a stylish aesthetic, serve as a vital lighting source, and keep air circulating throughout the space.

LED Fixtures

LED technology has paved the way for a new era for energy efficient lighting. As LEDs gradually replace traditional incandescent and relatively newer CFL light bulbs, the variety in LED lighting fixtures has expanded to meet the increased demand. Today, LED light fixtures include indoor and outdoor applications, from LED flood lights and solar compatible fixtures to highbay lighting and security light fixtures. LED fixtures now include smart lighting technologies as well, allowing you to bring the future of lighting into your home or commercial space today.


Wall sconces are one of the more versatile types of lighting fixtures. They mount on your wall and can provide soft, warm ambient light, or they can be used more sparingly for a more decorative look. If you plan to use wall sconces, keep in mind that the color of your wall can affect how the light looks when it reflects.

Recessed Fixtures

Recessed can lights are fixtures that mount flush into your ceiling. You can use them to focus a narrow beam of light on specific areas or as a broad flood light. Placed in a grid, recessed fixtures can provide a bright, modern look. Recessed fixtures work well with wall sconces because they light the center of a room, providing balanced lighting that fills the entirety of the room. Some varieties even include speakers built right in!

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are some of the most fashionable types of lighting fixtures. They typically hang from the center of the ceiling, although they can be placed wherever soft, dim lighting is required. The most common example of a pendant light is as simple lighting over a table, although there are many different shapes and sizes available. Using a dimmer with pendant lights allows you to adjust the brightness to match the rest of the room or desired focus.

Commercial Light Fixtures

There are many types of commercial lighting fixtures which are ideal for your commercial, office, industrial, or warehouse space. These lighting fixtures include fluorescent fixtures, which provide bright, efficient overhead lighting for commercial spaces, HID metal halide wall fixtures for lighting hallways, walkways, and building exteriors, and emergency exit sign lighting to ensure your tenants or employees are safe and your building is up to code. Already there are also new LED Commercial Lighting upgrades available on these more basic technologies.

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