How to Retrofit LED Lights

Retrofitting to LED lights offers many benefits over fluorescent commercial lighting systems. The main advantage is that LED lights are extremely energy efficient. And you may be able to reduce energy usage by as much as 70 percent, compared to T12 fluorescents with magnetic ballasts. LEDs also require little to no maintenance, and they last significantly longer than fluorescent lamps reducing maintenance.

If you’re interested in transitioning over to clean and efficient LED lighting, you may need to learn how to retrofit LEDs first. This handy guide shows you multiple ways to make the switch.

Plug-and-Play Options

If your business is considering upgrading to LED lights, retrofitting to LED lights may not necessarily be the best approach. If you’re already happy with your existing fixtures (the part your bulbs plug into), it may be easier to simply buy plug-and-play LED tubes.

As the name implies, these handy lamps plug directly into your existing fixture with no wiring or modification required. With this approach, you may not be able to take advantage of lowest-cost LED lamps, but you can still recoup the cost of plug-and-play bulbs over time, thanks to the tremendous energy savings.

Retrofit Kits

If you want to keep your existing fixtures in place, but you also want to be able to run any LED lamp on them, retrofitting to LED lights is the logical choice. A LED retrofit kit makes it possible to upgrade your existing fixtures so they can run any LED tube of the same size. For example, if you were using T8 fluorescent linear tubes in the past, now you could use any T8 LED linear tube.

In most cases, using retrofit kits is fairly straightforward. However, you may want to hire a qualified electrician if you’re not comfortable with wiring and soldering. Retrofit kits vary, so be sure to check the instructions first. Here’s a general idea of what you can expect from the process of retrofitting to LED lights:

  1. Turn off your circuit breaker
  2. Remove the old bulbs
  3. Remove the ballast cover
  4. Clip the wires attached to the fluorescent ballast
  5. Remove the fluorescent ballast
  6. Attach the wires to your kit
  7. Replace the ballast cover

Replace Fixtures

Instead of learning how to retrofit LEDs, you may also want to consider replacing your old fixtures with LED fixtures. Modern fixtures may run more efficiently, and they tend to look sleeker and more stylish than outdated fluorescent fixtures.

While replacing all of your lighting fixtures can be a major project depending on the size of your building, the long-term savings are often worth the time and money.

Shop LED Lighting Solutions

Whether you’re retrofitting to LED lights, shopping for plug-and-play lamps, or replacing all of your old fluorescent fixtures, Atlanta Light Bulbs has the best deals on dependable brand-name lighting products.

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