Explaining the DLC and What It Means

You might see the acronym “DLC” and think of the extra guns and maps you can buy for Call of Duty, but it actually stands for the DesignLights Consortium, an important non-profit and stalwart barometer of quality for the lighting industry. Atlanta Light Bulbs will explain to you exactly what it takes to earn a DLC certification, and just why that’s such a big deal.

What Is the DLC?

Essentially, the DesignLights Consortium promotes and encourages advanced lighting technology that helps to cut down on bills and conserve energy. A DLC certification is a guarantee that you’re using some of the best and most efficient lighting around.

Why Is It Important?

Being DLC certified means that you’re in a network of over 85 other DLC members that all share information and resources, helping the energy sector to grow exponentially more efficient and advanced. The DLC works closely not just with private businesses but with state and federal lighting resources as well, ensuring that every energy outlet is giving you the best power with the latest technology and info. Think of a DLC certification as being like a membership card into a club that lets the customer know they’re buying from a company that’s as up-to-date as possible in the realm of lighting. When you buy from a company with a DLC certificate, you’re not just buying something with an airtight seal of quality; you’re contributing to research and development that will make your own future that much brighter as well.

How Do You Get DLC Certified?

Getting DLC certified is a tremendous privilege, but it doesn’t come easily. A manufacturer earns a DLC certification by being a team player that’s willing to pool their resources to make the highest quality products available to the consumer. It takes rigorous testing from the board of directors and other members of the DLC to get certified, but once your products are in you can rest assured that you’ve just gotten access to an invaluable resource...and so have your customers.

Are Any of Your Products DLC Certified?

Yes! We’re proud to carry an enormous quantity of products that are DLC Certified. Atlanta Light Bulbs lists whether or not one of our bulbs has a DLC certification under the “specifications” tab of a given product page. Items like our SmartDrive LED CFL, LED Prolume and LED Proled, among many others, all proudly carry the distinction of being DLC Certified. It only takes a little bit of digging to find some of the best lighting systems money can buy, and many of them are available right here on Atlanta Light Bulbs.

How Do I Get the Best Value from Your Bulbs That Have a DLC Certification?

Atlanta Light Bulbs has a generous high-volume order policy that can help you save an incredible amount of money on the best bulbs and lighting rigs on the market. Click to learn more about our wholesale ordering policies as well, and shop with confidence every time when you shop with Atlanta Light Bulbs.