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Mercury Vapor Light Bulb

If you’re looking for high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs for outdoor lighting applications like security lighting, street lighting, or even indoor plant growing, look no further than our selection of high pressure sodium bulbs. The HPS bulbs we carry produce a bright 2100K light output with superior color rendering to provide excellent nighttime visibility. We also carry high pressure sodium shatterproof bulbs or energy-efficient low pressure sodium (LPS) lamps that give off a distinct yellow light. Shop from trusted light brands like Philips, Eiko, Osram Sylvania, Halco, General Electric, Plusrite, and others at our online store.

Choose From a Variety of Shapes and Types

Low Pressure Sodium Bulb

Whether you want clear or diffused high pressure sodium lights or bulbs in different lumen output and wattage to match your lighting needs, Atlanta Light Bulbs brings you a variety of high-quality bulbs in different sizes, shapes, and types that are compatible with several ballasts like S54 ANSI or S62 ANSI. Shop from our Medium or Mogul base type selections.

If you want a high-intensity, yellow-toned light for your warehouse, parking lot, construction site, or gymnasium, we have an excellent choice of high pressure sodium bulbs to choose from. Browse through our online store at Atlanta Light Bulbs to find what you need.

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Need help matching the correct parts for your lighting needs? Whatever outdoor lighting project you have in mind, you can be sure that no application is outside our expertise. We have all types of bulbs to fit your specialized needs and a team of experienced and friendly lighting experts who are always ready to assist you.

Whether you need high pressure or low pressure sodium lamps, we’re here to help you choose the right products for your applications. Shop our selection of lamps today, or call us at 1-888-988-2852 if you have any questions.