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Atlanta Light Bulbs brings you the latest range of short arc mercury lamps that are designed to provide a reliable source of extremely high radiance and illuminance. These lamps satisfy the demands of long reliable life and arc stability necessary in today’s sophisticated electronics industry. These lamps run electricity through xenon gases and mercury at very high pressure, producing a brilliant white light that mimics sunlight.

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Mercury Short Arc Lamp model HBO 103 W/2

As an established leader in specialty lighting, we strive to bring you the latest lighting technology with our high-performance lamps. We carry short-arc mercury and xenon short arc lamps from the most trusted names in the industry: OSRAM HBO & XBO type and Ushio USH type. Short-arc mercury and xenon short arc lamps offer a tightly confined plasma discharge, an ultra-stable arc, high-luminance, and spectral outputs in the visible and ultraviolet light ranges. We have in-stock both AC and DC powered lights from 50 watts up to 2000 watts.

Short-arc mercury lamps are primarily used in medical facilities, hospitals, and universities in a wide range of devices like diagnostic equipment, microscopy units, blood analyzers, UV curing equipment, industrial analytical equipment, projectors, display systems, and optical instruments. Shop superior lighting products that are developed under tightly controlled ISO quality processes to ensure reliability and extended life (300 hours).

Xenon lamp model XBO R 100W/45C OFR

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Want short arc mercury or xenon lamps that feature unique reflector design and precision-aligned mercury burners? Atlanta Light Bulbs brings you high-quality lamps from top manufacturers like Ushio and Osram Sylvania, that allow for light channeling control and maximum reflectivity, making them the perfect choice for your unique high-intensity ultraviolet radiation.

Need help selecting short arc mercury lamps to meet your lighting needs? Don’t hesitate to talk to us at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message online.