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Short Arc HID Lamps

Short arc mercury lamps and xenon lamps are a form of high intensity discharge (HID) lighting that function by running electricity through mercury and xenon gases at high pressure. These types of lights feature a tightly confined plasma discharge and a brilliant white light that effectively mimics sunlight. Our lights offer a highly stable arc and spectral outputs in ultraviolet and visible light. We stock both DC and AC powered lights that go up to 2000 watts.

Short arc mercury lamps are widely used in hospitals, medical facilities, and universities in devices like microscopy units, diagnostic equipment, industrial analytical equipment, blood analyzers, spectrofluorometers, UV curing equipment, and optical comparators. Xenon arc lamps are typically found in movie projectors, searchlights, and research applications that require simulated sunlight.

Great Selection

We feature a large selection of high-quality short arc mercury lamps and xenon lamps from high-end manufacturers such as Osram Sylvania and Ushio, two widely trusted names in short arc lamp manufacturing. Osram and Ushio's products have precision-aligned mercury burners and unique reflector designs which allow for maximum reflectivity and light channeling control, making them well suited for various fiber-optic applications. We also carry several other selected lamps from trusted names like Philips, Halco, and Premium Brand.

The wattage range on our short arc lamps go from 50W all the way up to 2000W, depending on the type of lamp you are looking at, and feature varying connections suited to the applications you require. Effective life hours range from 100 hours to 1500 hours, and our lights have differing lumen outputs and color temperatures suited to your unique requirements as well.

Experts in Lighting

We understand that navigating our large inventory and finding the right short arc mercury lamps or xenon lamps for your application can pose a challenge. Or perhaps you know the exact part you need, but you'd like help from lighting experts on your project. Atlanta Light Bulbs has been working with countless electricians, contractors, and businesses to develop effective and efficient lighting solutions since 1981, and our professionals have the technical know-how to tackle any lighting project, no matter how specialized it may be.

We aim to provide the most comprehensive lighting inventory on the web to serve as your one-stop shop for all of your lighting needs. We work with every lighting technology in the industry, and no lighting product is too specialized for us to work with. We also offer professional services such as lighting energy analysis, energy-efficient lighting, utility rebate calculations, installation and removal, recycling, and project financing.

Order Today

Feel free to browse our inventory of high-quality short arc mercury lamps and xenon lamps and locate the parts you need. If you need help finding parts, or you have any specific lighting questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-988-2852 or drop us a line on our chat. Shop our comprehensive store and order your lights today.

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