Projection LCD Lamps

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If your LCD projector is dimming or dead, we offer a wide variety of LCD light bulbs to get your projector performing at its peak. Replacing a projector’s lamp is usually as easy as snapping the old one out and the new one in. Always consult your projector’s user manual before attempting LCD lamp or light replacement, and wear gloves to prevent smudges and fingerprints.

Choosing the Right Lamp

Projection LCD LampsNot all projectors use the same lamp. Before you replace your LCD bulb, make sure you know the exact type and wattage required by the manufacturer. We offer a wide variety of LCD light bulbs without housing so you can save money by housing it yourself.

We Are Available to Help

Projection LCD LampsIf you're not able to figure out what type of LCD light bulbs you require for your projector, just give us a call. Our certified lighting specialists are always happy to help our valued customers to make the right choice the first time. Our commitment to phenomenal customer service sets us apart from other retailers, and we encourage you to return to us with any lighting project you undertake.

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