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Projection and TV Lamps-Cages

We know how frustrating it can be: the lamp in your projector, DLP TV, or projection TV unit has gone out, and you're not sure where to find a replacement. Of course you don't want to buy an entire new unit just because the lamp has gone out. Fortunately, Atlanta Light Bulbs carries a wide range of replacement LCD projection lamps, DLP TV replacement lamps, projection TV lamps, and lamp cages so you can find the part that goes with your unit. Now you can save money and continue enjoying your TV or projector for years to come.

The Parts You Need

We carry high-quality replacement LCD projection lamps from well-established names in lighting technology such as Philips, Osram Sylvania, Premium Brand, Sanyo, and others. Many of our projection lamps come with 6- to 8-month warranties. We stock many types of replacement lamps, so you can find the lamp that fits in your particular projector with minimum fuss. All you have to do is locate your part number, order your part, and install the light, and your projector will be as good as new. Our lamps come with the necessary housing or cages that allow them to fit in your projector.

We also stock plenty of different projection TV lamps for the TV brands you trust like Sony, Mitsubishi, Samsung, JVC, Panasonic, Toyota, and many others. These are dependable units that feature warranties from 6 months to a year. Our replacement lamps come with the cage housings you need to make the replacement and fix your TV.

Finally, we carry an equally extensive inventory of DLP TV replacement lamps in case the lamp in your DLP TV goes out. We have a selection of models from names like Osram Sylvania and Premium Brand. These quality lamps feature 30-day to 6-month warranties, and are an affordable way to get your DLP TV back up and running again.

Lighting Experts

Atlanta Light Bulbs specializes in everything lighting; we have a huge inventory of high-quality lighting products spanning many types of technologies, and we're here to be your top resource for lighting needs. No specialty lamp replacement is too obscure for our area of expertise, and our professionals are happy to help you get the parts you need to replace your LCD projection lamps, DLP TV replacement lamps, and projection TV lamps. Atlanta Light Bulbs has been working with contractors and businesses since 1981 to provide the best possible lighting solutions for your needs.

Shop Now

Feel free to browse our large selection of DLP TV replacement lamps, projection TV lamps, and LCD projection lamps. You can also give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or drop us a message on our chat system and we can help you find the specialized part you need. Shop our store and order the lamp you need today.

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