Metal Halide Tubular G12 Base

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Metal Halide Tubular G12 BaseMetal halide light bulbs are an incredibly efficient type of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp. They are most commonly used for lighting large outdoor areas such as sports arenas and parking lots, due to their bright white light. Metal halide lighting is often commonly used in overhead lighting for factories and retail spaces. We carry a wide range of metal halide lights, including many types of metal halide bulbs with a tubular G12 base to fit your needs.

Metal halide lamps utilize an electric arc which passes through a mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides to produce a bright white light. The addition of metal halides greatly improves what would otherwise be a mercury vapor lamp. This addition greatly improves the efficiency and color rendition. As one of the most efficient, effective forms of HID lighting, metal halide lights have become one of the most popular for large-area overhead lighting applications.

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At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we carry a large selection of G12 base metal halide light bulbs, with a fine variation in technical characteristics to choose from. We offer variable bulb shapes, actual wattages, lumen outputs, bulb diameters, voltages, and color temperatures. Metal halide lighting is incredibly efficient and long-lasting, and our light selection features lifespans of anywhere from 9,000 hours to 24,000 hours. We carry lighting products from trusted manufacturers such as General Electric, Eiko, Halco Lighting, Osram Sylvania, Philips, Plusrite, and more.

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Metal Halide Tubular G12 BaseBesides a large selection of metal halide light bulbs, Atlanta Light Bulbs carries many other types of light bulbs. We stock a wide variety of lighting solutions, from sodium and mercury vapor lamps, incandescent lights, to halogen lights, LED lights, fluorescent lights, CFLs, and much more. To help finish any lighting project you undertake, we also carry many different types of fixtures, ballasts, accessories, and other parts. As the premier resource in the industry for all things lighting, and we work hard to provide our clients with a quick and easy solution to all of their lighting needs.

We have been working with electricians, lighting contractors, and businesses large and small for over 30 years. Since the beginning, we’ve been a trusted resource, and countless clients have sought the extensive knowledge and expertise of our lighting experts.

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