Metal Halide Protected ED17P Medium Base

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Locating the right medium base metal halide lamp can be a difficult task! There are 2 different shapes of medium base metal halides. The notes below will help to shed some light on the ED17P!

  • ED17P(Elliptical Dimpled, 17 1/8" in diameter. Diameter = 17/8 which is 2.125, the "P" means PROTECTED.
  • These lamps are characterized by a smaller neck than a normal ED17 lamp
  • You will know if you have the wrong lamp as the replacement will not physically screw into your socket
  • These lamps have an extra shrouded glass tube around the arc tube inside the lamp.
  • The protection is there to limit exploding hot glass from exiting the lamp jacket

The common part numbers we see in the marketplace associated with the ED17P models are: MP100/U/MED, MHC70/U/3K/MP, MXR100/U/MED/O.

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