Metal Halide Par38 Medium Base

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These metal halide light bulbs are shaped like standard PAR38 flood lights, however beware you cannot put a metal halide PAR38 lamp in a standard socket. These lamps operate with a ballast in line to regulate the lamps voltage. The part numbers for these lamps typically start with MP, CDM or CMH. These lamps are very common in retail environments such as jewelry stores, clothing outlets and more. These lamps are great for lighting up large spaces and are extremely crisp and clean. Many people are wanting to switch these to LED PAR38 lamps. This can be a complex switch out as you have ballast inside the fixture so the ballat must be disconnected. You will also have to verify the voltage and a few other factors before thinking of switching. If you are ready to upgrade your PAR38 metal halide bulbs to LED PAR38 bulbs please give us a call. We can walk you through the process and make sure we get you the right bulb at the right price!