Metal Halide Linear Double Ended

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Metal Halide Linear Double Ended

We carry a high quality inventory of double ended metal halide lights that provide bright and efficient light for numerous types of applications. Double ended bulbs are ideal for public, retail and commercial applications where color rendition or presentation is important, such as in shop interiors, reception areas, museums, galleries, and windows. These lights are also well-suited for accent lighting and decorative lighting in many environments.

Metal halide lights are similar to mercury vapor lights in that they consist of an electrical arc running through mercury vapor in a quartz tube. In this case, metal halide compounds are added to the mercury vapor, which greatly improves the efficiency and color rendition of the light; this makes them well-suited to the applications mentioned above.

Large Selection

We stock a large selection of double ended metal halide lights to ensure that you find just the right solution for your project. Among our double ended bulbs you can select from different base types, bulb shapes and sizes, wattages and voltages, lumen outputs, and color temperatures.

Metal halide lights offer long lifespans. From our lights you can expect a lifespan of anywhere from 600 to 12000 life hours or more depending on your application. Our metal halide lights are manufactured by trusted names such as General Electric, Halco Lighting, Osram Sylvania, Philips, Plusrite, Ushio, Eiko, and others.

Lighting Experts

Metal Halide Linear Double Ended

Starting from humble beginnings over 30 years ago, we’ve grown into one of the leading resources for lighting solutions in the industry. Since the very beginning, we’ve made it our mission to provide clients with high quality light bulbs, ballasts, and fixtures at competitive prices.

Our inventory is legendary for its size and scope. Our wide selection of double ended metal halide lights are just a small proportion of the metal halide lighting solutions we carry. Aside from metal halide lights, we stock LED lighting solutions, fluorescent lighting, CFLs, incandescent lights, mercury vapor and sodium vapor lamps, krypton and xenon lights, miniature lamps, projector lamps, medical lamps, and much more.

As large as our inventory is, we aren’t just a warehousing operation. Our experts know the ins and outs of every lighting technology we carry, and no product is too specialized for our expertise. We even offer professional consulting services such as energy analysis, energy efficient solutions, installations and removal, and more.

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We strive to make the shopping and ordering process as easy and convenient as possible. Our design makes it easy to find the double ended metal halide lights you need for the job. If you can’t find the product you are looking for, or you have questions for our experts about a specific solution, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a chat message. Shop for your metal halide lights today.