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Mercury Vapor Light Bulb

Shop quality mercury vapor light bulbs at Atlanta Light Bulbs. These bulbs offer a bright white light output and extended bulb lifetimes for large spaces that need bright, wide light coverage, or overhead lighting. These include sports arenas, warehouses, and street lights. Mercury vapor lamps feature a phosphor coating that helps improve color rendering. Shop from our Ballasted Mercury Vapor Bulbs or our Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor Bulbs.

Cost-Effective Option for Most Applications

Mercury Vapor Bulb Ballasted model H33GL-400/DX

Whether you’re searching for landscape lighting bulbs or other wide-area lighting needs, our highly efficient and bright mercury vapor bulbs offer reliability, performance, and quality combined. These bulbs are more energy efficient than most types of fluorescent lights and incandescent lights, making them a perfect cost-effective option for most applications.

Featuring 12,000 to 24,000 useful life hours, you can be sure of durable lighting with our selection of mercury vapor light bulbs at Atlanta Light Bulbs. Shop from our selection of clear bulbs, landscape moonlight bulbs, white diffused bulbs, flood beam patterned bulbs, and other different bulb shapes. Choose from different wattages, color temperatures, lumen outputs and other elements for the best lighting outcome.

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If you’re looking for quality, long-lasting, bright, and efficient light bulbs for your outdoor and industrial lighting needs, look no further than our selection of mercury vapor lamps at Atlanta Light Bulbs. Choose from different medium and mogul bases to fit various lighting bulb styles. We have a number of options to choose from at exceptional prices.

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