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Mercury Vapor Bulbs

A mercury vapor lamp uses an electric arc that passes through vaporized mercury to produce a bright white light, and is part of the HID suite of lighting technologies. Because of the nature of this intense white light, mercury vapor light bulbs are great for lighting large areas outdoors, or within warehouses and sports complexes. Mercury vapor light bulbs also tend to be better at rendering color than sodium vapor lamps, though they still lag behind other lighting technologies, and many mercury vapor bulbs feature a phosphor coating that improves color rendering.

Our mercury vapor bulbs are a great choice for your landscape lighting, moonscape lighting, and warehouse lighting needs, and if you need replacements for your existing mercury vapor fixtures, we have the light bulbs for you.

Efficient and Bright

We have a large variety of efficient and bright mercury vapor light bulbs from trusted manufacturers such as Plusrite, Halco, General Electric, Eiko, Eye Lighting, Osram Sylvania, Howard Lighting, Value Series, and more. Mercury vapor lamps are more energy efficient than incandescent lights, and they are even more efficient than most types of fluorescent lights, making them an excellent cost-effective choice in most applications. We carry bulbs that feature anywhere from 12,000 to 24,000 useful life hours.

We stock both ballasted mercury vapor light bulbs, which are compatible with various types of ballasts, as well as self-ballasted mercury vapor lights. Our wide selection of mercury vapor bulbs allows us to provide different bulb shapes, clear bulbs, white diffused bulbs, landscape moonlight bulbs, flood beam patterned bulbs, and others. Our mercury vapor lights also provide varying lumen outputs, wattages, color temperatures, and other types of characteristics. We stock every kind of mercury vapor bulb so you can find the style you need, for the fixtures you have.

Expert Lighting

Atlanta Light Bulbs knows lighting inside and out, and our lighting professionals work with extensive knowledge on the many lighting technologies available on the market. Besides mercury vapor light bulbs, we work with incandescent lights, LED lights, halogen lights, krypton and xenon lights, sodium vapor lights, and much more. No lighting technology is too obscure or specialized for our expertise, and we even supply various fixtures, ballasts, replacement lamp for TVs and projectors, lamp cages, and other specialized items. We have been working with successful lighting contractors, electricians, and businesses for over 3 decades to create effective and efficient lighting solutions that are geared to address our clients' unique needs.

Shop Now

If you have any questions about our inventory, or you'd like help developing your own lighting solution, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 and our knowledgeable lighting professionals will be happy to help. We want to be certain that our customers are achieving affordable and efficient lighting solutions. We're sure you'll be able to find exactly what you need in our vast selection of mercury vapor light bulbs. Take a look at our selection and order the lights you need today!

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