LED Plug-In CFL & Circline Bulbs

Show Filters has a great selection of LED PL/CFL replacements for 2 pin and 4 pin compact fluorescent plug in lamps.

There are some very important questions to ask before deciding which LED PL or PL-L plug in lamp to buy. If you need help figuring out which lamp is the one to use in your commercial building please give us a call at 1-888-988-2852. 

  • Do I want to run my new LED lamps on a ballast or on straight line voltage?
  • What voltage do I have coming to the ballast?
  • What base type do I have on my existing CFL plug in lamp?
  • Are my lamps operating in a vertical or horizontal position?

The 2 types of technologies in the marketplace are:

PLUG AND PLAY - SmartDrive - InstantFit - Ballast Driven CFL - LED Lamps

This technology is the most popular. Using this technology you simply switch the the lamp, not the socket! The  2-pin or 4-pin lamp fits standard GX13, G24d or G24q-series 13W, 18W, 26W, 32W, or 42W CFL sockets and is powered by the existing fixture’s ballast. When you use the LED plug and play technology the ballast life will actually be extended! Halco, Keystone Lighting Technologies, MaxLiteGreen CreativePHILIPS all offer the plug and play technology. We offer these brands because they are trusted lighting manufacturers. So, now you can upgrade to LED by simply changing the lamp. No downtime, no hassle, no problem.

DIRECT WIRE 120-277V - DirectDrive - Ballast Bypass CFL - LED Lamps

The direct wire option is used when you want to "bypass" the ballast. By bypassing the ballast you are removing the ballast from the system and bringing the line voltage at the fixture directly into the socket base. The direct wire method involves completely rewiring and relabeling the fixture. To locate the direct wire options you will want to find the PL or PL-L lamps that are rated "120-277V"

We carry several LED replacement bulbs that will fit your plugin 4 pin compact fluorescent light or circline light fixtures. You can install these replacement 4 pin LED light bulbs just like you would any fluorescent bulb. These bulbs can provide an incredible warm white light output while offering superior energy efficiency and lifespan compared to fluorescent bulbs. Always double-check the installation instructions to ensure that these bulbs will operate properly with your fixtures.