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LED T8 Plug and Play Bulbs

Savvy businesses all over the world are transitioning to LED lighting. These ultra-convenient LED T8 tubes fit standard T8 fluorescent ballasts and fixtures with no modifications required. They’re also significantly more energy-efficient than their fluorescent T8 counterparts. Save on quality plug and play T8 bulbs from trusted manufacturers such as Philips, James Lighting, Cree LED, Lunera, and Topstar International.

An Efficient Commercial Lighting Solution

In commercial offices and warehouses, lighting systems typically account for 30% of the company’s electricity consumption. These T8 LED bulbs reduce that number dramatically, helping your business save money while also saving the environment. LED lamps also have significantly longer lifespans––50,000 hours compared to 30,000, on average. Additionally, LED T8 tubes don’t contain mercury, making them a safer and more environmentally-friendly option.

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We carry a vast selection of plug and play LEDs, including a wide variety of lengths, light levels, color temperatures, and equivalent wattages. If you need help selecting the best LEDs for your office or commercial space, please feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable in-house lighting experts for guidance.

To speak with a qualified lighting specialist now, call 1-888-988-2852. You can also reach us online by emailing [email protected], filling out our contact form, or clicking the live chat button below. Cut costs while doing your part to reduce your company’s carbon footprint with these easy-to-install LED T8 tubes.

Many modern fluorescent light tubes use T8 or T12 sized bulbs. These fixtures are named after the tubular design of the lights (T) and the number of eighth inches of the bulb’s diameter. This means that T8 bulbs are 1-inch diameter bulbs. We offer a wide range of T8 LED conversion bulbs that offer a simple plug and play installation with your existing fluorescent fixtures. Most of these T8 LED tubes can use your existing fluorescent ballast without the need for a ballast bypass or other modifications. In addition to their quick and easy installation, these bulbs are an energy-efficient option that offer powerful light output.