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LED Bulb Long Neck model PAR30L/830/LEDG11

What type of traditional lighting technology are you looking to replace? LED technology has advanced to a level in which LED bulbs can effectively replace anything from incandescents, halogen lamps, krypton lights, and xenon lights. LED lighting is one of the top lighting technologies involved in cost-saving retrofit projects, and for good reason. LED provides effective lighting at an incredible value, and here you’ll find a wide range of affordable PAR30 long neck LED bulbs from leading manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency

LED technology is so widely sought after as a replacement light because LEDs are so energy efficient, and they make for easy replacements due to their versatility. This is because LEDs rely on semiconductors to receive an electrical current and produce light, and so they lack filaments and other undesirable fillers such as mercury. Diodes last much longer and don't burn out as quickly as many types of filaments do. The average LED light provides anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours of life or more. No matter the size of an LED light, it retains its efficiency, which means you get the same energy savings on whatever type of application you are using it for.

There are other unique characteristics that LED lights have. For example, their warm-up time is very short, and they can emit the color you require without using color filters or other mediums, which can lower your costs. LEDs also tend to dim over time as they age, as opposed to outright failing like other types of lights. Our PAR30 long neck LED lights are designed to plug right into traditional fixtures, making for an easy replacement for your halogen lights. We also stock replacement options for lights such as incandescent bulbs, metal halide bulbs, sodium vapor bulbs, and other types of lighting.

Professional Lighting

There are of course many types of LED lights available on the market, even many types of PAR30 long neck LED lights, and different lights have different characteristics that are suitable in various environments. Atlanta Light Bulbs has over 3 decades of experience working with businesses, contractors, and electricians to develop lighting solutions that are perfect for our clients, and we are happy to assist you with selecting the lighting products that fulfill your own requirements. We even work with older lighting technologies, and specialized lighting solutions, and no type of lighting task falls outside our expertise.

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Our sizable inventory includes halogen lamps, CFLs, incandescent bulbs, LEDs, and many other types of lights. If you need help selecting the products that are right for you, or you would like professional assistance with your lighting project, feel free to call us at 1-888-988-2852. We're here as your premier resource for your lighting needs. Shop our store and order yours today!