LED Bulbs PAR20 - R20 Type

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Sustainable and Cost-Efficient

If you’re in the market for recessed can lighting, we have a wide selection to meet your needs. If you’re looking at LED bulbs, PAR20 and R20 styles are both excellent choices. Both have the standard Edison base, but there are a few key differences that differentiate them.

PAR20 or R20?

As you compare our recessed can LED bulbs, PAR20 and R20 styles, you may be curious about the differences. Both are the same size and have similar applications.

PAR20 bulbs provide a more concentrated, precise, and focused light beam, while R20 lights provide a broader, more diffused beam that’s often ideal for general lighting situations.

The standard LED bulbs PAR20 style performs more like a spotlight, and the R20 style is more comparable to a floodlight.

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Why pay more for LED bulbs PAR20? We carry reputable brand-name products that you can depend on. LED lights offer many benefits, including a 10+ year lifespan, outstanding energy efficiency, improved light quality, and virtually no maintenance costs.

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