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LED Bulbs Par 16 – RF14-RF16 TypePAR16 LED light bulbs are very bright and feature reflectors that help spread the light, which make them excellent flood lights, as well as high-efficiency replacements for halogen lights. LED lights represent the cutting edge in energy efficiency and have useful life hours of anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 hours, which far outpaces many available lighting technologies such as halogen and incandescent lights.

LED lights derive their efficiency from their design. Electricity is run through a semiconductor and a diode is lit, which produces a very bright light. Filaments and gasses are not required, so LED lights can last for quite a while. A much greater proportion of the energy is converted into light, with less of that energy lost as heat. You also don’t have to worry about mercury, which makes them an environmentally friendly technology.

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We carry several types of PAR16 LED bulbs to satisfy your requirements. Our LED lights vary in lumen outputs, life hours, wattage, voltage, and color temperature, among other attributes. Many of our lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and most are dimmable. As mentioned, PAR16 lights are a perfect fit for a halogen lamp replacement if you are looking to convert your facility into a more energy efficient environment.

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LED Bulbs Par 16 – RF14-RF16 TypeThe PAR16 LED light is just one of our many offerings in the high efficiency LED category. Since we are well regarded in the industry for our expertise with energy efficient lighting, we offer several useful services such as energy analysis on LED lighting options and cost analysis to help businesses and professionals get up to speed.

In addition to a large LED inventory, we carry one of the largest selections of lighting solutions in the industry. We stock incandescent lights, halogen lights, metal halide lights, and many other accessories. No bulb or part is too specialized or obscure for our expertise, and we even carry a large amount of fixtures, ballasts, and other useful parts so you can get everything you need in one place.

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