LED Bulbs JC Type 2 Pin Base 12-24V

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LED Bulbs JC Type G4 Base 12-24v

If you are looking to upgrade your lighting systems for energy savings and long term cost reduction, the JC LED bulb is a great place to start. The JC type 4 base LED is designed with a two-prong base and makes for a great replacement for your halogen bulbs. Energy savings from an average LED bulb are approximately 75% compared to a halogen bulb. This figure can differ depending on the light bulb you get, but overall you can expect massive savings.

Do these LED lights look a little different to you? That is because they utilize a unique technology that gives them much greater energy efficiency and a longer lifespan than other lighting technologies. LED lights, or Light Emitting Diodes, give off bright light when an electrical current is run through their semiconducting material. This allows LED lights to provide a high lumen output without wasting as much energy as heat. LED technology is the go-to lighting product for significant energy savings and longevity.

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We carry a wide variety of the JC LED bulb so you can select the bulb that meets your unique specifications. Choose from differing base types, light shapes and sizes, wattages and voltages, lumen outputs, color temperatures, and more. Our large selection of quality lights features the top manufacturers in the industry such as Bulbrite, Green Energy Lighting, and Halco Lighting. Our LED lights boast anywhere from 20000 to 50000 useful life hours or more, which means they have lifespans that are far and above the lifespans of most lighting technologies.

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LED Bulbs JC Type G4 Base 12-24v

We pride ourselves in being an industry authority on high efficiency LED technologies. In addition to the JC LED bulb, we carry a vast inventory of LED lighting products. We also offer professional services that help you maximize these remarkable products. Our experts can help you with lighting energy analysis, energy efficient lighting and LED options, utility rebate calculations and advice, lighting installation and removal, recycling, and other essential services.

We have over 30 years of experience working with electricians, lighting contractors, and businesses large and small to devise personalized lighting systems that are designed to maximize efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

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Why not get started and browse our quality selection of LED lighting products? Our website is painstakingly designed to help you find the JC LED bulb you need for your project. All of the necessary information is at your fingertips, and you can filter search results for the technical specifications you require.

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