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Retrofit LED corn cob light bulbs are designed for the replacement of high pressure sodium lights or metal halide lights.

These types of lights tend to be very bright and are optimal for outdoor lighting for parking lots and sports complexes, as well as commercial, industrial, and retail spaces where applicable. Our LED alternatives provide the same quality of lighting with much more efficient energy usage and longer lifespans, making them extremely cost-effective. The point of a retrofit is that you can save time and money by utilizing your existing lighting fixtures to upgrade to powerful LED lighting. Learn more about replacing metal halide lamps with LED corn cob bulbs here.

A Wealth of Options

We carry many different types of retrofit LED bulbs for replacing metal halides, all of which are available from highly regarded brand names in the industry such as Halco, Philips, Arva, and Keystone Lighting Technologies. Our varied inventory can account for differing equivalent wattage requirements, as well as Lumen outputs, color temperatures, base types, and burn positions. Our high wattage retrofit LED selection affords anywhere from 20,000 to an astounding 60,000 hours of operation.

You can name an application, and no matter how specialized, we have lighting equipment in our inventory that can address it. In addition to our inventory of light bulbs for outdoor parking and complex lighting, we carry studio light bulbs, stage light bulbs, medical light bulbs, and many other types of specialized lights.

Since 1981 we have been providing businesses, lighting contractors, electricians, and other individuals with efficient and effective lighting solutions. Our sizable inventory allows us to serve a diverse demographic of professionals and individuals across the spectrum, and we have a thorough understanding of industrial, commercial, public, outdoor, and domestic applications.

Expert Lighting

Whether you are looking for high-quality studio light bulbs, incandescent lights, CFLs, or LED light bulbs, our experts can help you find the lighting configuration that is uniquely suited to your requirements. Our experts are experienced in rigorous energy analysis, installation, lighting design, and other essential disciplines pertaining to the lighting field. Need to retrofit your facilities and outdoor environments and save money, but you have no idea where to start? Our experts can help you select the light bulbs that are optimal for the existing fixtures that you have, while working within your own personalized lighting parameters.

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Feel free to browse our vast inventory of incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, halogen lights, studio light bulbs, high wattage retrofit LED light bulbs, krypton and xenon lights, and much more. We're confident that you'll be able to secure the lighting products that are right for the job, and our knowledgeable experts can help you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 with any lighting questions you may have, and we'll work at finding a solution as soon as possible. Shop our store for your preferred lighting solution today!


High wattage light can produce an incredible light output, but they are not the more energy-efficient lighting option. We offer a wide range of LED replacement bulbs for high wattage systems. If you are having trouble finding a replacement for a broken metal halide bulb, these bright LED “corn cob” bulbs feature a number of bright LEDs to help you match that output. These powerful bulbs are designed to work with your existing fixtures to provide high-quality light output. All of our replacement LED corn bulbs offer energy savings and a superior lifespan over traditional lighting options.