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Given the competitive economy and the lean finances of many households, businesses, and organizations, the need for energy savings has never been so urgent. For example, in warehouses that require a large number of lights to function, approximately 30% of energy costs may be allocated toward lighting, and the same goes with lighted outdoor areas. Replacing your old lights with LED bulbs can contribute dramatically to your energy savings. If you’re looking for GU10 LED bulbs for your GU10-type bases, Atlanta Light Bulbs has exactly what you’re looking for. gu10.jpg

LED Efficiency

Fortunately, upgrading to LED is incredibly simple, thanks to recent advances in LED technology. We offer a variety of high-quality LED replacement bulbs that can fit right into GU10-type bases. All you have to do is replace your light bulbs and start taking advantage of the energy savings. LED technology is extremely versatile, and we carry a wide selection of replacements lights for older technologies like halogen lamps, incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, and many others. We stock the most trusted brand names in the industry such as Philips and Halco, both of which provide reliable replacement lighting products.

LED lights are a unique lighting technology in that they lack a filament, so they take much longer to wear out and produce a higher output of lumens per watt. They also don't require any mercury, making them a greener technology both in terms of construction and energy efficiency. Our LED lights boast useful lifespans of anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 hours and more. They are also incredibly versatile and are available in varying styles, outputs, and color temperatures.

LED Bulb model LED7GU10MR1630KFL TCP PRO

Expert Lighting Solutions

We understand the need to find the right lighting product for the job. Atlanta Light Bulbs has extensive experience working with many different types of lighting technologies for over 3 decades, and we continue to work closely with contractors, businesses, and electricians to provide efficient and high-quality lighting solutions. Our experts know all of the ins and outs of replacement projects and lighting upgrades, and we can help you find the LED lights that are the right fit for your task.

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Explore our inventory for yourself and discover our impressive selection of lighting products. We are your premier resource for everything lighting, and no lighting product is too obscure or specialized for our expertise. You're also welcome to call us at 1-888-988-2852 and our experts can help you develop an effective solution. Shop our store and order your GU10 LED bulbs today.