LED Bulbs Assembled in USA

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Across the United States of America and beyond facility managers, engineers and lighting buyers are switching over to American made or assembled in USA LED lamps. is proud to offer the Patriot LED T8 tube light. is proud to announce their partnership to offer the Axis line of Patriot LED Tubes and LED fixtures. 

With Axis LED, a better way to buy American, has never been so close to home. Axis proudly offers assembled in USA product line of LED tubes appropriately named the Patriot Tube. These high quality and reliable Patriot Products are competitively priced with foreign made tubes, DLC listed & UL rated, and backed by a 5 year warranty (up to 10 years for qualifying orders).

Assembled in USA LED tubes from Axis LED opens up a world of possibilities that you should expect from the global leader in LED tube and panel manufacturing. Buy assembled in USA compliant Patriot Tubes are redefining what is possible within the US Government lighting sector. Because of the advances in manufacturing and the strategic business planning of Axis LED, no other US LED competitor can match the price, the quality, or the service Axis is able to offer.