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LED Light Bulbs

thumbnail4.pngLooking for the best in LED lighting? You have come to the right place. LEDs light bulbs are different from other types of light bulbs in that they use a semiconductor chip that emits light when current is applied to it. LED light bulbs are rapidly becoming the standard in many different lighting applications due to their incredibly bright emitted light, low energy consumption, versatility, and long lifespans. Light tone, brightness, wattage, and appearance can vary dramatically depending on whether you are using T8 LED bulbs, A19 shape LED bulbs, PAR38 LED bulbs, miniature LED bulbs and LED Corn Cob bulbs. Atlanta Light Bulbs carries just about every type of LED light bulb that exists, so you can select the bulb that offers the characteristics you need.

All the LEDs You Need

Due to the versatility of LED lights, these bulbs are available in many forms that are suited to a wide variety of lighting solutions, and of course we carry most of them right here. We stock T8 LED bulbs, T12s, A shapes, LED bulbs that mimic filament light bulbs, MR11s, chandelier types, high wattage LEDs, T5HO plug and play tubes, S14s, MR16s, R30 types, beacon lights, globes, tape lights, and many other types. All of the lights we offer are from trusted manufacturers such as TCP, Phillips, Halco, and CREE.


LED lights come in strips that are great for back-lighting and accents, decorative chandelier styles that provide a classy source of light, reflector flood lights that are great for lighting up large areas, and tubes which are great for commercial purposes. We offer LED office lighting for businesses, as well as LED light bulbs for home use, and we regularly work with electricians and lighting contractors to help with projects both large and small. You can do so much with an LED light, and whatever your application, we can help you pick out the right lights for the task.

Work with Experts

The many types of LED light bulbs will provide widely differing effects, and it is important to take several factors into consideration when choosing the bulbs for your project. For example, choosing the right manufacturer will have a bearing on longevity and performance, though we promote lights from only the most trusted manufacturers. The wattage of a light bulb will tell you how much energy it is going to consume, and to determine brightness on an LED, you now have to consider the lumens measurement of the light bulb. Color temperature and driver content are other factors to look into, and our knowledgeable experts can help you select the right lighting equipment based on all of these considerations.


We're also here to make your job easier. For example, did you know that T8 LED bulbs can be directly plugged into the existing ballasts of older T8 fluorescent systems? You can replace all of your fluorescent lights and upgrade to more energy efficient lighting, all while saving money on your ballasts.

Shop Today

We encourage you to browse our vast inventory of high quality LED light bulbs, and you're welcome to call us at 1-888-988-2852 with any questions you may have. Our experts will be happy to help with your lighting needs. Shop for your T8 LED bulbs, A shape bulbs, chandelier type bulbs, and other types of LED light bulbs today!

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