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Krypton - Xenon Bulbs

Xenon and krypton bulbs make for energy-efficient lighting options that can be utilized in a wide range of applications ranging from photography to outdoor and indoor lighting of various types. Krypton light bulbs provide a brilliant white light, and are used in certain types of flashes in photography. Krypton is also mixed with argon in certain fluorescent lamps to improve energy efficiency. Like krypton, xenon provides brilliant white light and is used in flashes and stroboscopic lamps, as well as in a variety of light bulbs.

A standard incandescent bulb is generally filled with nitrogen and inert argon, which functions to prevent arcing between the lead-in wires. What both krypton and xenon do to improve on this design is to increase a lamp's efficiency. They do this because their molecule sizes are larger than argon's, and this helps slow the evaporation of the tungsten filament. Also, both gases have a lower heat conductivity. These factors increase the lifespan of the light bulb. Xenon bulbs are typically more costly than krypton, but boast greater efficiency.

Wide Selection

Our selection of xenon and krypton bulbs is comprehensive, to say the least. In terms of our krypton light bulbs, we carry numerous types such as chandelier, gas globe, KX, BR30, Par38, PS25, and R20 bulbs. Just about anything you need for your lighting project can be found in our store, and our different bulb types feature variations of base, lumen output, lifespan, wattage, beam pattern, color temperature, and other important characteristics.

Our xenon bulbs also come in many types, such as festoon 12V and 24V, MR16, PAR36, T3.25 24V, T3.5 12V, T4 E11 base, T4 G4 base, T4 GY6.35 base, and T4 BA 15D – BA15S base bulbs, with an equal amount of variations in lighting characteristics such as wattage, lifespan, color temperature, lumen output, and more. All of the xenon and krypton bulbs in our inventory are high-quality, energy-efficient products manufactured by trusted brands.

Our Lighting Expertise

Atlanta Light Bulbs has over 3 decades of experience working with the electricians and lighting contractors in their fields, designing and developing effective lighting solutions spanning a wide range of applications. We have also worked with businesses large and small to produce cost-effective solutions appropriate to their needs. We specialize in energy analysis, energy efficiency, utility rebates, installations, removal, recycling, and financing. We can help you find the right xenon and krypton bulbs for your project, and assist you in maximizing energy efficiency while lowering your costs.

Order Today

No light bulb or lighting technology is too specialized for our areas of expertise, and we carry one of the largest lighting product inventories on the web. Take a look at our inventory for yourself and find the products you need. You can also call us at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message on our chat system and one of our experts will be happy to help you with your specifications or questions. Shop our store and order your xenon and krypton bulbs today.

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