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Atlanta Light Bulbs brings you a wide selection of energy-efficient xenon bulbs that are suitable for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs, as well as other applications like flash photography and floor lamps. From the R20 Krypton Gas Mix light bulb that is ideal for outdoor spot lighting, to the clear halogen Xenon Gas T3.5 12V long life lamp that is used for landscape lighting, our extensive online inventory helps you find the right krypton xenon for your lighting needs.

Versatile Bulbs That Last Longer

Krypton and xenon light bulbs burn cooler than other types of bulbs and come with a longer rated life of up to 3000 hours. With xenon light bulbs, you can easily create the lighting mood you want by dimming and adjusting the brightness level. If you’re looking for versatile, bright and energy-efficient light bulbs that are designed to last a long time, krypton-xenon bulbs are a perfect choice.

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we bring you a wide selection of light bulbs in a different styles including:

  • Gas globe
  • Chandelier
  • KX
  • Par38
  • BR30
  • R20
  • PS25

Find brilliant white light bulbs that feature low heat conductivity and different wattages, lumen outputs, lifespans, color temperatures, and more at our online store.

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With over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to meet your specific lighting needs. We understand that browsing through different light bulbs like our Gas Globe Shaped Bulbs or our PS25 Krypton Gas Filled Bulbs can be confusing; that’s why we provide you with outstanding customer support to assist you when selecting the right light bulbs to match your unique lighting project.

Shop the best krypton-xenon bulbs from Atlanta Light Bulbs today or call us our experts at 1-888-988-2852 for guidance.