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Induction Lighting

induction-ql-landing-page.jpg is your induction spare parts source. Induction technology is a hybrid fluorescent lamp technology that eliminates the need for electrodes and filaments; generating light by means of a high frequency transmission of energy combined into a gas discharge.
Manufacturers can adjust the color of the light being emitted by the induction vessel as they do with fluorescent lamps. They do so by varying the composition of the phosphors coated onto the inside of induction lamps, allows for models with different color temperatures. Unlike conventional fluorescent technology there are no failures caused by filament erosion, vibration, or seal breach.

Induction systems have extremely long lifetimes as compared to traditional light sources. Because they have no electrodes there are no points where the lamp wears down. The lifetime on the typical induction system is 100,000 hours. These systems have a weak link which is the QL induction generator. The generator serves the same role as does a fluorescent ballast or an LED driver. 


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