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Incandescent Silver Bowl BulbsIncandescent silver bowl bulbs are perfect for subtle, decorative lighting. With a reflective bowl around the top of the light, these bulbs divert light that usually shines down. This design is great for settings where you’ll want just the right amount of light without the blinding, full exposure from bright light bulbs. Silver bowl light bulbs work perfectly in homes, restaurants, stores, and other environments that require ambient lighting. Additionally, silver bowl bulbs work well at home for individuals sensitive to harsh, direct light.

Incandescent light bulbs are a low-cost lighting option that have been a reliable lighting source for over a century. They consist of a metal filament which is heated to high temperatures, producing a glow. The filament is housed in a glass or quartz bulb, either filled with inert gas or produced with an internal vacuum to prevent the filament from oxidizing. With their heat technology, these bulbs produce a warm tone.

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We carry a wide selection of incandescent silver bowl light bulbs that fit in a standard incandescent fixture. With a wide selection of shapes and sizes, frosted and unfrosted types, you can find the bulb that is perfect for your lighting project. These incandescent lights are particularly long-lasting for their class and boast anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 useful life hours.

Incandescent Silver Bowl BulbsOur inventory includes silver light bulbs with variable specifications such as wattage, voltage, and color temperature so you can find the lighting solution with the specifications that are right for your purposes. We carry lights from trusted names in lighting such as Industrial, Bulbrite, Halco Lighting, and Topaz.

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Our silver bowl light bulbs are just part of our vast selection of incandescent, LED, CFL, xenon and krypton lights, among many other varieties. No light bulb type is too specialized or obscure for our expertise; we even have lighting fixtures, ballasts, miniature lamps, and TV and projector lights among other specialty products. With our reputation in the lighting industry, our comprehensive lighting selection is underscored by our knowledge and expertise dealing with lighting solutions.

We regularly work with large and small businesses, contractors, and electricians to provide the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions on the market.

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