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Incandescent Decorative Globe

We carry a vast inventory of decorative globe light bulbs that provide high quality solutions for a variety of decorative lighting applications from scoreboards, indicators, to ambient lighting. Incandescent lights are a tried-and-true technology, and have been around for quite some time. These lights provide a low cost and versatile solution and we offer several standardized bases such as E26-Medium and Candelabra.

Incandescent lights utilize a heated metal filament which produces a warm, pleasant light. The filament is typically encased in a glass or quartz bulb, which contains a vacuum or inert gas to protect the filament from oxidation. The addition of this outer cover allows for many stylistic variations in globe light bulbs, maximizing their decorative potential.

Quality Selection

Choose from standard clear and frosted globe bulbs, or go with a more specialized look with a Westinghouse Spectralite crystal cut bulb or a Bulbrite Amber Marble bulb. We also carry light bulbs from other trusted manufacturers such as Halco Lighting, Industrial, Value Series, and Satco.

We also carry silver bowl decorative globe light bulbs for lighting solutions that distribute that perfect amount of light without the harsh and blinding radiance of a standard bulb. If you’re looking for a specific hue coming from your globe light bulbs, we have tinted bulbs such as red, pink, and amber that are perfect for achieving a particular ambience.

With a rating of anywhere from 800 to 5000 or more useful life hours, these incandescent bulbs significantly outperform the average incandescent light. Choose from a variety of shapes sizes, wattages, voltages, and diameters so you can find the decorative globe light bulbs that match your specifications.

Lighting by Experts

Incandescent Decorative Globe

We stock a wide variety of incandescent bulbs online, along with many other types of lighting solutions from LED lighting, CFLs, metal halide lamps, to halogen, krypton and xenon lights, fluorescent lights, and much more. We have been working with every lighting technology known in the industry for over 30 years, and our experts have a deep knowledge of a wide range of lighting products, no matter how specialized.

We seek to provide our clients with the industry’s leading resource for lighting products, and we’ve worked with countless businesses, contractors, and electricians to develop quality lighting solutions. Every light bulb and part you need is at your fingertips and ready to order.

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We’ve stocked our online store with decorative globe light bulbs and other lighting products so you can easily navigate our inventory and find the lights you need. If you have any questions about a given product, or you’d like to talk to one of our experts about your project, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a chat message and we’ll be happy to help! Browse our selection and order your light bulbs today.