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Halogen PAR38 Side ProngAtlanta Light Bulbs carries a large selection of PAR38 halogen lights, which work great as flood lights in numerous commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications. Halogen lights are well-suited to flood lighting in particular because of the clean and bright light that they give off.

Halogen lights and incandescent lights use a similar technology, however, halogen lights achieve their characteristically bright glow by operating at higher temperatures than their incandescent counterparts. Similar in design to incandescent bulbs, the key difference is the small amount of halogen gas present in the bulb, which reacts with the tungsten filament. The evaporating tungsten is continuously redeposited on the filament, allowing for a much higher lifespan and operating temperature.

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We’re sure to stock the PAR38 bulbs that for your needs. Our inventory includes a wide range of PAR38 halogen types that are manufactured by trusted companies like General Electric, Osram Sylvania, and Industrial. Our bulbs feature the voltages, wattages, color temperatures, beam degrees, and sizes you need to meet your technical requirements. The average lifespan for this type of lamp is 2,000 useful life hours, so you can definitely expect more operating time than an incandescent lamp with similar characteristics. All of our lighting products are offered at competitive prices, and we strive to make your shopping experience as quick and convenient as possible.

Lighting by Experts

There are plenty of companies in the business that offer large light bulb inventories, but there are few that can offer the selection that we offer at Atlanta Light Bulbs. Take your pick of a lighting technology. We have strong expertise in PAR38 halogen lights, LED lights, incandescent lights, mercury vapor lamps, and much more.

We work with electricians, lighting contractors, and businesses large and small to implement the most economic and energy-efficient lighting solutions on the market. With over 3 decades of experience with numerous lighting technologies, we use that experience to offer one of the most comprehensive resources for lighting solutions in the industry. Not only do we have a huge inventory of lighting projects, but we also offer useful services to help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and cost savings.

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Our online store is here so you can find the PAR38 halogen lights you need to meet your technical specifications with ease. If you are having trouble locating a specific product, or you have any questions about a particular project you have in mind, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message on our chat system and our experts will be happy to help. Save time and money locating the PAR38 bulbs you need! Shop our selection and order your light bulbs today.