Halogen Par30 Short Neck

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Halogen Par30 Short Neck Lamps for Indoor or Outdoor Lighting

Ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor accent lighting applications, our halogen Par30 short neck lamps provide efficient and attractive lighting for your home or business. Par30 lamps are useful when you really want to control your lighting with more precision than is possible with BR bulbs.

Precise Accent Lighting

If your goal is to accurately control your light’s beam spread, Par30 lamps are an excellent choice, as they can be used with a narrow or wide spread. Par30 lamps fit into 4” or larger canisters, as well as spotlight fixtures that aren’t large enough to take a Par38.

The halogen Par30 short neck allows you to enjoy the convenience, versatility, and attractiveness of recessed lighting.

Efficient and Natural Lighting

Halogen lamps are often found in areas where precise, attractive light is required. For example, it’s common to see halogen lamps focused solely on paintings in an art gallery, using a narrow spread.

You may also find halogen bulbs in libraries or other reading rooms where natural, pleasant, widespread lighting is required. Halogen lamps are often used in residential areas as security lights or spotlights.

Unparalleled Customer Service

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