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Halogen MR16 TypeMR16 halogen bulbs are often used in audio visual media equipment, as well as in commercial and retail lighting. The bright visible light given off by MR16 halogen lights is perfect for illuminating a space or display with vivid color rendition.

Halogen light bulbs can provide such a bright and vivid light because of their design. A halogen light bulb is created by adding a small amount of halogen gas to the inside of a regular incandescent bulb. The halogen reacts with the heated tungsten filament, helping to redeposit evaporated tungsten back into the filament. This increases the lifespan of the bulb while allowing for higher temperatures. In this way, you get a bright and clean white light.

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We carry a sizable selection of MR16 halogen bulbs for your convenience. These bulbs provide anywhere from 20 to 5,000 usable light hours or more, depending on the type of light bulb and application. Our high-quality lighting comes from respected brands such as Halco Lighting, Bulbrite, Ushio, Eiko, Osram Sylvania, and Litetronics.

Choose among bulbs with varying wattages, beam degrees, voltages, base types, sizes, and color temperatures. If you are looking for an MR16 halogen replacement light, we’ve got what you need. And if you don’t see what you are looking for in our inventory, we are always on hand to help you find it.

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Halogen MR16 TypeWe strive to carry the most accessible and substantial inventory of lighting products in the industry. Atlanta Light Bulbs has been working with every lighting technology you can think for over 30 years, and our knowledge and expertise keeps on growing. Our large selection of MR16 halogen bulbs is just the tip of the iceberg. We stock countless variations of high-efficiency LED lighting, traditional incandescent technologies, metal halide lamps, krypton and xenon lights, miniature lamps, fixtures and ballasts, and much more.

We work with a sizable client base of businesses large and small, as well as lighting contractors and electricians. We’ve outfitted factories, offices, residential spaces, retail spaces, outdoor locations, and many other environments with appropriate lighting solutions. Our experts understand everything from mood lighting to full energy-saving retrofits.

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Browse our website to stock up on the MR16 halogen bulbs you need. We’ve worked hard to develop an online store that makes finding and ordering the lighting products you need as easy as can be. If you have any questions about our selection or need help with a specific lighting solution, please send us a message on our chat, or contact us at 1-888-988-2852. We also provide professional energy efficiency and cost analysis services, so let us know if you’d like assistance with a project. Shop our selection and order the MR16 halogen lights you need today!