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Halogen T3 Double EndedThe double-ended T3 halogen bulb is particularly useful for outdoor floodlighting and security lighting due to its brightness and spread. With their application in many commercial and home settings, investing in a T3 light bulb is a great way to light work environments or home interiors. Halogen lighting is also commonly used in labs and medical settings, as well as with various heating applications.

Halogen lights are a more efficient version of incandescent lighting. A small amount of halogen gas is added to an incandescent bulb, which coupled with a tungsten filament, helps to redeposit the evaporated tungsten onto the filament. This allows for a greater lifespan and operating temperature, which results in a particularly bright form of visible light. This is why halogen bulbs are so excellent at lighting large outdoor spaces.

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We carry a large selection of halogen bulbs so you can find the T3 halogen bulb to fit your exact set of technical specifications. Our bulbs range from 250W to 2,500W and 120V to 480V, and color temperature tends from 2,500K to 2,900K. We also stock numerous bulb lengths and base types. Some of our bulbs possess infrared heating capabilities. These types of halogen bulbs provide 2,000 to 5,000 useful life hours.

Each T3 light bulb we carry is a high-quality lighting product, and we only stock lighting solutions that are provided by trusted manufacturers such as Ushio, Higuchi, Eiko, and Plusrite. Our lights feature a reliable lifespan at a reasonable price.

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Halogen T3 Double EndedBesides the T3 halogen bulb, we carry a wide range of halogen lighting products, as well as incandescent lights, LED lights, fixtures, ballasts, batteries, dimmers, and many other types of lighting solutions. Atlanta Light Bulbs has one of the most comprehensive lighting product inventories on the market, and we have worked with countless businesses, contractors, and electricians to devise reliable and efficient lighting solutions. We currently provide a number of services to help businesses and contractors achieve energy efficiency and save on costs as well.

We are universally known for our unmatched customer service and expedient delivery. Choosing the right lighting equipment for the task – and finding it for that matter – can be difficult and confusing. However our experts and our website make the task easy and convenient, and we get you the best deal possible!

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Our website makes it easy to find the exact light bulbs and parts you need to get the job done. However if you are having difficulty locating the exact product you need, or you have any questions about our inventory or lighting solutions, please give us a call! Our experts are available at 1-888-988-2852, and you can also drop us a message on our chat system.

Need to find the right T3 halogen bulb for your project? Browse our T3 light bulb inventory and order the products you need today.