Halogen JD Type E11 - BA15D Bases

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Halogen JD Type E11JD halogen bulbs are tube-shaped lights that are typically used in decorative lighting, ceiling fans, lamps, and light pendants. Since type E11 base bulbs have mini-candelabra bases specific to certain fixtures, we carry a variety of bulbs so you can find the light that fits your requirements.

Halogen lights provide a clean and bright white light ideal for numerous applications. Like incandescent lights, halogen bulbs utilize heated filaments to produce light. The key difference is a small amount of halogen gas added to a bulb, which reacts with a tungsten filament, keeping it from thinning too quickly. This helps increase the bulb’s lifespan and allows the bulb to be operated at higher temperatures, which results in brighter light.

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We stock a wide variety of type E11 JD halogen bulbs for your convenience, and our huge selection is easily navigable for quick and convenient ordering. You can choose your bulb shape, actual wattage, lumen output, voltage temperature, color temperature, and more. You can also choose whether you want bulbs with clear or frosted glass.

Most of our halogen bulbs boast anywhere from 1,700 to 10,000 life hours. We carry reliable and high-quality bulbs from trusted brand names such as Bulbrite, General Electric, Halco Lighting, Eiko, Osram Sylvania, Higuchi, Philips, Plusrite, and more.

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Halogen JD Type E11With one of the largest lighting product inventories in the industry, we are your premier source for lighting solutions. We carry countless types of JD halogen bulbs, among many other types of bulbs, fixtures, and accessories. Aside from halogen bulbs, we stock LED lights, incandescent lights, mercury vapor lamps, sodium vapor lamps, metal halide lamps, CFLs, and much more. There is no lighting technology or bulb type that is too specialized for our expertise, and we strive to carry everything you need to make your shopping easy and convenient.

Atlanta Light Bulbs has been a leader in the professional lighting industry for over 30 years. Today, we use our extensive experience and knowledge working with businesses, lighting contractors, and electricians to develop the most energy efficient and low-cost lighting solutions possible. We offer vital services from lighting energy analysis, energy efficient lighting to LED options, utility rebate calculations, installations, removals, and much more.

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We’ve worked hard to put together an inventory and website that makes your shopping quick, convenient, and easy. If you don’t see a product that you are looking for, let us know and we should be able to get it. Have any questions about our inventory or a certain lighting project you are working on? Give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or chat with one of our lighting specialists on our messaging system, and we’ll be happy to help out. Check out our selection of JD halogen bulbs and order yours today.