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Halogen JC Type 2

Our JC halogen bulbs provide reliable bright white light for a great value. These bulbs utilize a type 2 pin base to connect to their fixtures and provide a versatile range of utility in residential, commercial, and retail applications.

Halogen lights are very similar to incandescent lights in their basic design. Like incandescents, halogen lights use a heated filament to produce visible light. In this case, a small amount of halogen is added to the light bulb in order to jumpstart a halogen cycle that redeposits evaporated tungsten onto the filament. Because of this, halogen lights can be operated at higher temperatures, which provides for a brighter, clearer light.

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Our selection of JC halogen bulbs provides for a wide selection of bulb types so you can find the product with the exact specifications you need. With our convenient search, you can browse our online store for halogen bulbs that have specific base types, wattages and voltages, lumen outputs, and color temperatures. Our halogen lights are offered at competitive prices and provide anywhere from 1500 to 3000 useful life hours for reliable service.

We only carry high quality products from trusted names in the lighting industry. Shop our store for halogen lights manufactured by recognized brands such as Bulbrite, Eiko, Feit, Philips, Osram Sylvania, Higuchi, Halco Lighting, and more.

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Halogen JC Type 2

As you can see from our sizable inventory of JC halogen bulbs, we know our lighting. We also stock other types of halogen lights, as well as LED lights, incandescent lights, krypton lights, xenon lights, fluorescent lights, CFLs, and much more. No lighting technology is too obscure for our expertise, and we even carry fixtures, ballasts, lamp cages, and other useful lighting accessories and parts so you can find everything you need in one convenient place.

We have been working with every lighting technology in the industry for over 30 years, and our experts have a deep understanding of the technical requirements and aesthetic concerns that go into retail, commercial, industrial, and residential lighting applications.

In keeping up with the changing demands of the lighting industry, we now offer forward-looking professional lighting services from lighting energy analysis, energy efficient lighting solutions, LED options, and so much more. We’ve partnered with countless businesses, lighting contractors, and electricians to produce low cost, reliable, and efficient lighting solutions.

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Feel free to browse our selection of JC halogen bulbs, and if you have specific technical requirements in mind, our advanced search option is very useful if you need to narrow down your selection. Do you have any questions about a product you need? Or would you like to talk to an expert about a specific lighting project? Our customer service experts are available at 1-888-988-2852 or you can send us a chat message and we’ll be happy to help. Shop our selection of halogen bulbs and order yours today.