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Germicidal UVC Light Bulbs – Medium T8 Bi-PinGermicidal light bulbs are a type of UV light that are incredibly effective at killing various microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. Commonly used in labs and medical facilities, germicidal, T8 UV bulb lamps work in environments that require strict sanitary standards. Other work sites from food production plants to water purification and waste treatment facilities also utilize these bulbs.

UV lights emit UV-C rays, which can purify air and water mediums by disrupting microorganisms, causing them to die off and stop reproducing. This type of purification often carries the benefits of lower costs and reduced labor requirements. Keep in mind that UV-C light is hazardous to the eyes and skin, and it is recommended that you wear protection during usage.

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Atlanta Light Bulbs carries a large and varied inventory of T8 UV bulbs, which allows you to select for the wattages, voltages, and bulb sizes that satisfy your requirements. All of these particular germicidal light bulbs are T8 UV bulb shapes with bi-pin bases. We carry UV lights from a variety of trusted brand names such as Ushio, Osram Sylvania, Eiko, and Philips. These lights typically provide 3,000 to 8,000 hours of operation. Some of our UV lights also have a white phosphor-coated surface and provide UV-B rays.

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Germicidal UVC Light Bulbs – Medium T8 Bi-PinWhether you are looking for a T8 UV bulb or another type of lighting, we carry a vast selection of lighting technologies for your convenience. We stock fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, LED lights, halogen lamps, metal halide lights, sodium vapor lamps, krypton and xenon lights, and many other types of lighting products. We also carry specialty lamps, projector lamps, medical lamps, miniature lamps, ballasts and fixtures, and many other lighting products.

Atlanta Light Bulbs is your premier source for all things lighting, and you can get all you need in one convenient location. We’ve worked with countless lighting contractors, electricians, and businesses to develop energy efficient and low-cost lighting solutions. No lighting project is too specialized for our expertise, and we carry some of the most obscure lighting products in the industry. If you need it, we can get it.

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We aim to provide unrivaled customer service, and we hope to make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible. Our germicidal light selection should provide everything you need to determine the light you need, and we’ve made ordering especially easy. If you are having trouble locating a certain product, or you have questions about our inventory or a particular lighting project, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message on our chat system and we’ll be happy to help. Check out our T8 UV bulb selection and order what you need today!