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Fluorescent Ubend T12 6 Inch Spread

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    40W T12 UBend 6 Inch Cool White 4100K 24004 FB40/CWX/6 Sylvania T12 Ubend Curvalume fluorescent lamp. This lamp is 4100K Cool white deluxe. The spread between the ends is 6 inches. Save energy and improve light quality...

    40W T12 Ubend 6 Inch 4100K Fluorescent 423087 FB40/T12/CW SUPREME/6 is a Philips T12 Ubend fluorescent lamp. 1900 lumens, this lamp is EISA compliant and is also cool white 4100K color temperature. 6 inches between the ends...

  • FB40DX/6
    Sold in 12 Packs - 40W T12 UBend 6 Inch 6500K Fluorescent 219931 FB40DX/6 Philips brand T12 Ubend fluorescent lamp. This lamp is 6500k Daylight and has a 6 inch spread between the ends of the lamp. Lamps are sold in cases of...

  • FB40/T12/NX/6 PHILIPS
    FB40/T12/NX/6 PHILIPS
    40W T12 U-Bend 3500K 6 Inch Spread Philips brand Ubend fluorescent lamp item code 423095 Neutral Deluxe, 1955 Lumens 90 CRI, EISA compliant, this lamp is the replacement for the FB40WW/6 series. This Item ReplacesThis...


Save Space with 6 Inch T12 U Bend Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent tube lighting is a reliable and economical lighting option that’s ideal for residential and commercial applications. Our T12 U Bend fluorescent lamps with a 6 inch spread are an excellent choice when you have limited space.

These plug-and-play tubes operate using your existing ballast, so you don’t have to worry about rewiring or modifying anything. Compact and convenient, U-Bent lamps have an ultra-slim profile that really lets you make the most out of your space.

The Economical Lighting Choice

Did you know that your home or commercial lighting can account for 25 percent or more of your monthly electric bill? Our T12 U Bend fluorescent lamps are a budget-friendly option, costing roughly 66 percent less to run than traditional incandescent lights.

Fluorescent tubes also have a working lifespan that’s approximately six times longer than standard bulbs. Because fluorescent lights don’t produce heat, they’re perfect for area lighting.

Your Go-to Lighting Resource

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we work hard to make sure that you never need to shop anywhere else for lighting solutions for your home or business. Whether you’re retrofitting a house or installing a lighting system in a commercial space, we have everything you need, including hard-to-find products.

As lighting professionals, we’ll always be there to assist you with any questions, concerns, or special requests that may arise. Please feel free to call 1-888-988-2852 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Place Your Order Today

Why pay more than you need to for dependable, brand-name T12 U Bend fluorescent lamps? Get more value for your dollar when you shop at Atlanta Light Bulbs.

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