Fluorescent Linear T5

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Fluorescent Linear T5

Atlanta Light Bulbs carries a sizable selection of quality T5 fluorescent bulbs for your warehouse, office, retail, and industrial spaces. These types of lights produce their light with an electric current which excites mercury vapor in the tube. This gives off ultraviolet light that upon passing through the phosphor coating, produces visible light. Fluorescent lighting is a great affordable lighting option and can cover large spaces easily.

Choose Your Fluorescent Light

Do you have a trusted brand name in mind? We carry T5 fluorescent lights from the top manufacturers like Eiko, Fulham, General Electric, Halco Lighting, Philips, Plusrite, and others. It is easy to narrow down your search and select for the exact technical characteristics you need. When you shop our selection, you can filter our large fluorescent light inventory by base type, wattage, voltage, lumen output, diameter, color temperature, and other essential parameters. Find the exact lighting supply product you need fast.

Lighting Experts

Atlanta Light Bulbs has worked for over 30 years to become the industry’s premier lighting solution resource. Our vast inventory of T5 fluorescent bulbs allows our customers to take their pick of the tubes they need, and we also have many other types of fluorescents, CFLs, incandescent lights, LEDs, and much more.

Do you want to know more about our selection or do you need help finding a product? Call our lighting specialists at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message online. Shop our store and order your T5 fluorescent lights today!