Fluorescent Linear T12 48 Inch

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High-Quality 40-Watt Fluorescent Linear Bulbs

For many years, T12 fluorescent tube lamps have remained the standard lighting solution in offices, warehouses, factories, retail stores, and other commercial and industrial settings. While there are more efficient options available these days, retrofitting a large space isn’t always feasible. Our 40-watt T12 fluorescent linear bulbs are ideal for replacing expired T12s.

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Why Use T12s?

While it’s true that first generation T12s are currently being phased out, we’re still authorized to sell our existing stock. So, what are the benefits to continuing to use T12 lights these days?

Quite simply, many businesses aren’t in a position to retrofit their existing lighting fixtures, and buying 40-watt T12 fluorescent linear bulbs can be a great way to save money. After all, fluorescent lighting remains one of the most cost-efficient lighting options available today.

While we do recommend pursuing more sustainable long-term lighting options, replacing your expired T12s is still an extremely efficient and budget-friendly way to light your building.

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