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Circular Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Circular fluorescent light bulbs are the same as their linear fluorescent tube counterparts, only in a smaller shape. Circline fluorescent lamps are perfect for compact areas where lighting space is limited such as boutique stores, hotel rooms, offices, or dorm rooms. Browse our wide selection of affordable fluorescent lamps, including T9, T6, and T5 circline options.

Circline Fluorescent Lamp model T6 Double Tube 2850k

A More Efficient Lighting Solution

Many home and business owners choose fluorescent lighting products because they’re both economical and energy-efficient. Many circline fluorescents surpass 100 lumens/watt efficacy, which is significantly more efficient than comparable incandescent and even halogen lamps.

Beyond just reducing your monthly energy bill, circular fluorescent light bulbs are a more environmentally-conscious choice. They boast long lifespans, so you don’t have to replace them as often as other options. While they’re not quite as efficient as LEDs, fluorescent lights have a lower initial cost that’s appealing to home and business owners on a budget.

Circline Fluorescent Lamp model FC12T5CW

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Atlanta Light Bulbs has remained a leader of the industry since we got our start in 1981. We’re recognized for our incredibly low prices, massive inventory, and unparalleled customer service and support. Whether you need some basic household lighting or an entire new system, we’re ready and able to help you make a smart purchase.

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If you’re not sure which circular fluorescent light bulbs are right for your specific application, our experts are standing by to offer guidance. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee, and we always go the extra mile to ensure successful results. Call our friendly experts at 1-888-988-2852, click the live chat button below, or message us online now. Illuminate your life with circline fluorescent lamps.

Fluorescent lights and light fixtures, in general, are highly esteemed for their energy efficiency and long lifespans, as well as for the range of color temperatures they can offer. Circular fluorescent bulbs, also known as circline fluorescent lamps, are specially designed types of fluorescent bulbs, many of which serve niche uses. Circline bulbs, for example, are widely used in medicine and medical examination. Many circular lamps have specific bases and therefore are only compatible with certain fixtures, so don’t be shy about reaching out to our customer service team for help in picking out a circular light bulb. We even have some LED options for circline bulbs so that we can be sure to meet all your needs.