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CFL Self Ballasted

We carry a variety of medium base CFL lighting solutions for all of your efficient lighting needs. CFLs are self-ballasted, and are designed to work in medium E26 fixtures. Compact Fluorescent Lamps are an excellent energy efficient replacement for traditional incandescent lamps; they give the same amount of light as an incandescent and use anywhere from 1/3 to 1/5 of the energy. They also have much longer lifespans than the typical incandescent bulb.

Fluorescent technology works off of a current that is passed through mercury vapor, which produces an ultraviolet light. This ultraviolet light is converted to visible light when it passes through the outer coating on the bulb. Older fluorescent technologies typically featured large tubes and separate ballasts, but modern CFLs feature a compact spiral design and a built in ballast which allows them to function very similarly to incandescent bulbs.

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We offer a sizable stock of self ballasted CFL lamps, allowing you to choose your lights based on your project’s specific requirements. Select a quality medium base CFL light with your bulb shape, size, lumen output, voltage, wattage, and brand. We only carry products from trusted manufacturers like Eiko, Feit, General Electric, Halco Lighting, Osram Sylvania, and Philips.

We know efficiency and longevity are on your mind, and our CFLs offer anywhere from 8000 to 12000 hour lifespans or more. Additionally, phosphor formulation has advanced significantly on CFLs, which means that there is a wide range of color temperatures available to select from. Today’s CFL technology allows light tones that are similar to incandescent or other types of lighting.

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CFL Self Ballasted

Our vast medium base CFL selection is only scratching the surface of our lighting expertise. We have many other types of CFL, as well as traditional fluorescent and incandescent technologies. No lighting product goes untouched by our expertise. We carry everything from LED lights, halogen, metal halide, xenon lights to ballasts, fixtures, and much more.

We’re so thorough with our inventory because of we are dedicated to serving our clients with the best resources that the lighting industry has to offer. We even offer professional energy efficiency services and cost-saving analysis. Because of our dedication, we have been among the top respected experts in lighting for over 30 years.

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Browse our inventory for the medium base CFL that is right for you. We’ve taken care to stock our online store with the best lighting solutions that allow you to get the job done. Are you having trouble finding the product you are looking for? Do you have project questions for our experts? Feel free to call us at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a chat message and we’ll be happy to help. Shop our quality selection for the self ballasted CFL lamps you need today!