CFL Self Ballasted with GU24 Base

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Why rely on incandescent bulbs when our GU24 base CFL bulbs provide equivalent lighting while using significantly less power? CFLs are making huge waves these days with their affordability, efficiency, and ability to produce high-quality light with a warm, white glow and high color rendering. Enjoy a seamless transition to CFLs while reducing your electric bill.

Improve Energy Efficiency

CFL Self Ballasted with GU24 BaseOn average, a CFL bulb can give you the same quality of lighting as a 75 watt bulb using only 18 watts. With an average lifespan of 10,000 hours or more, CFLs also provide five to ten times as much usage as incandescent lightbulbs. They may cost slightly more, but the long-term savings are well-worth the cost of admission. Our GU24 base CFL bulbs are also the clear choice for going green at home or in a commercial setting.

Phenomenal Customer Support

CFL Self Ballasted with GU24 BaseAs your go-to resource for reliable lighting, we believe that the best way to keep our customers happy is not only to sell quality products at affordable prices, but to provide outstanding service. If you need help selecting the right GU24 base CFL bulbs for your specific requirements, just pick up your phone and we will be glad to help you make an informed decision.

Place Your Order with Confidence

With our 30-day return policy, your purchase is risk-free. If you have any questions about lighting, please feel free to call our qualified lighting specialists at 1-888-988-2852 or through our contact page. Get quality lighting solutions for less at Atlanta Light Bulbs.