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4 Pin Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps, are frequently used in offices, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. Because 4 pin compact fluorescent bulbs are essentially traditional fluorescent tube lights in a smaller package, they’re especially common in large commercial spaces with limited ceiling space.

At Atlanta Light bulbs, we proudly offer a wide selection of brand-name 4 pin compact fluorescent bulbs at a budget-friendly price point.

Why Use CFLs?

Compact fluorescent lamps are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons:

  • CFLs can be powered using only 25% of the energy it takes to power an incandescent bulb
  • Energy savings reduce electricity bills and replacement and maintenance costs, all while helping the environment
  • Many 4 pin compact fluorescent bulbs are extremely easy to install, thanks to the plug-in base
  • CFLs provide excellent light quality that’s very similar to traditional incandescent lamps
  • CFLS produce a significant amount of light while occupying minimal space

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