CFL Plug In 4 Tube 4 Pin

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CFL Plug in 4 Tube 4 Pin

If you are looking for a more robust CFL design, our 4-pin CFL bulbs pack 4 tubes of fluorescent light into a compact package. CFL technology is an excellent general purpose choice for energy efficient lighting, and is intended to replace aging incandescent technology in households, offices, commercial spaces, and many other environments.

Fluorescent lighting technology uses an electrical current that is run through mercury vapor in a phosphor coated tube. The mercury atoms become excited and give off ultraviolet light, which is converted into visible light after passing through the phosphor coating. With CFLs, the fluorescent tubes and ballasts have been sized down into compact packages that typically offer 1/3 to 1/5 of the energy usage of an average incandescent bulb giving off the same amount of light.

Energy savings from 4 pin compact fluorescent bulbs will more than cover their initial prices. Plus, with advanced phosphor formulations, CFLs now provide comparable color temperatures to incandescent lights, which makes them a prime upgrade for energy efficient outfitting.

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We only stock high quality and reliable lighting products for our customers, and our inventory features products from trusted brand names such as Bulbrite, Designer’s Edge, Eiko, Feit, Halco Lighting, and Verilux.

CFL Plug in 4 Tube 4 Pin

We carry several types of 4-pin CFL bulbs to provide you with the specific light you need to satisfy your project’s requirements. With our 4 pin compact fluorescent bulbs you can choose your bulb shape and size, base type, wattage and voltage, lumen output, and color temperature. CFLs also last longer than incandescents, and within our stock you can find lights that offer anywhere from 8000 to 10000 hour lifespans or more.

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We’re proud to be an industry authority on all things lighting since we’ve been working with every lighting technology in the industry for over 30 years. With decades of experience, we’ve provided countless lighting contractors, electricians, and businesses with reliable, competitively priced lighting solutions.

Our 4-pin CFL selection is just part of our wide variety of CFL lighting products, and aside from CFLs we stock a vast array of LED lighting, incandescent lighting, halogen lights, krypton and xenon lights, metal halide lights, and much more. We also stock many types of fixtures, ballasts, miniature lamps, TV and projector lamps, and lighting accessories. Atlanta Light Bulbs is your premier resource for lighting solutions.

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