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Light Bulbs

thumbnail.pngOur selection of industrial and commercial light bulbs is unrivaled in the lighting industry. We carry everything from standard incandescent light bulbs to specialty light bulbs and renewable lighting products, and no application is too specialized or obscure for our inventory selection and our expertise. We stock lighting products from over 100 trusted manufacturers such as Philips, Halco, Ushio, Universal Lighting Technologies, and MaxLite. We concern ourselves with everything lighting, and strive to provide you with the best resource on the market for your lighting needs.

High Quality Light Bulbs


We are your leading source for high quality commercial light bulbs and industrial light bulbs. Whether you are looking for commercial LED lighting, incandescent light bulbs, or miniature lamps, you can find what you need right here. We stock CFLs with screw bases and plug-ins, halogen light bulbs, ANSI coded stage and studio bulbs, linear and circline fluorescent lamps, germicidal UVC light bulbs, automotive lamps, LED tape-strip lights, induction lights, mercury vapor bulbs, metal halide bulbs, sodium bulbs, projection and TV lamps and cages, short arc HID lamps, krypton and xenon bulbs, and much more.

Choosing Your Light Bulb

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we don't just preside over a huge and varied inventory, we make it our business to understand the ins and outs of every single light bulb we carry. We know lighting like the backs of our hands, and we regularly work with businesses of varying sizes, contractors, and electricians in order to fashion optimal lighting solutions. We've been a trusted lighting industry supplier since 1981.

Every type of light bulb technology features its own set of attendant quirks and performance aspects. When selecting the industrial or commercial light bulbs that are right for your application, we recommend a basic understanding of the behaviors and characteristics of the light bulb you are using for the job.


For example, halogen light bulbs emit a bright white light and are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs of comparable wattage, and can last anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 hours, or 2 to 5 years. Similarly, krypton and xenon emit a clean white light, last 3-5 times longer than standard bulbs, and are a great choice for commercial requirements for their durability.

LEDs on the other hand utilize a solid state technology to emit light from diodes that are mounted on a chip board within the bulb. What this means is that there are no filaments inside the bulb, giving this type of bulb an extra long life. LED bulbs can emit varying tones of light. We carry many other types of light bulbs, all with their own characteristics to understand.

Browse Today

Browse our inventory to find the type of light bulb you need, as well as the necessary information regarding the product. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts are also happy to help you select the light bulb you need, and you're welcome to call us at 1-888-988-2852 with any questions you may have. Shop for your industrial and commercial light bulbs of choice today.

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