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We carry a variety of incandescent light fixtures to aid your lighting needs. Incandescent continue to be widely used primarily for their low cost. They also don't require any external regulating equipment and work on both alternating and direct current, making them incredibly versatile.

An incandescent light bulb is lighted using a wire filament that is heated by an electrical current that passes through it, producing a glow. The filament itself is protected by a glass or quartz bulb that is filled with an inert gas, preventing the filament from becoming oxidized. Incandescent light bulbs are still sought for their warm glow and affordable cost. We only carry high quality light fixtures for incandescent bulbs that are manufactured by trusted names like Bulbrite, Industrial, and Envoy Lighting.

Our Fixture Selection

We offer a number of useful incandescent light fixtures to choose from, such as vapor tight fixtures. Vapor tight fixtures are incredibly durable and feature impact resistant glass, protective cages, and sealed fixtures. These types of fixtures are ideal for wet locations, bridges, tunnels, manufacturing applications, and cold storage. We also carry replacement glass covers for our fixtures.

Another fixture type that we carry is our nostalgic and antique fixture, which pairs well with the warm glow of the incandescent bulb. Variations include our hanging pendant and sconce with mirrored shade, both of which are perfect for warm, stylish settings.

In addition to these incandescent light fixtures, we carry a variety of other miscellaneous fixtures such as heavy duty outdoor lights, flexible goose neck desk lamps, and 2 lamp flood light fixtures.

Lighting by Experts

Atlanta Light Bulbs has over 3 decades of experience working with a wide array of lighting technologies. We have an extensive knowledge of lighting solutions and can help you pick out incandescent fixtures and bulbs for your project. No type of light bulb is too specialized or obscure for our expertise.

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Take a look at our selection of incandescent light fixtures yourself! We've made it easy to find the parts you need with detailed information and intuitive menus. Our lighting experts are always on call at 1-888-988-2852 or you can send us a chat message. We'll be happy to help out with your lighting needs. You'll always be able to find the parts you require without having to search all over the web. Shop our store for your fixtures today.