LED Fixture Retrofit Kits

Show Filters makes retrofitting easy with our Future Fit LED retrofit kits

There are many reasons to switch to LED lighting at home or in the workplace. Our LED Future Fit lighting retrofit kits allow you to enjoy the many benefits that LED lighting has to offer. If you’re ready to improve your outdated lighting system, we have the products to keep your project comfortably under budget.

Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we only carry high-quality products, so shop with complete confidence.

Why Retrofit Your Current Lighting System?

These days, upgrading to LED lighting just makes sense. Here are the main reasons why our LED lighting retrofit kits are so popular:

  • Drastically reduce energy usage, often up to 50 – 90%
  • Reduce your home or company’s carbon footprint substantially
  • Improve light quality
  • Many of our retrofit kits include dimming capabilities
  • LEDs have an incredibly long lifespan, often 10 years or more, allowing you to reduce or even eliminate maintenance and replacement light costs

We’re Your Expert Resource

It’s clear that we offer the largest selection and best value on brand-name lighting solutions from names like Keystone Lighting Technologies, Philips and Lithonia Lighting. However, that’s not the only reason to choose Atlanta Light Bulbs for your LED lighting Future Fit retrofit kits, LED lamps, LED ultra thin wafers, LED high bay fixtures, and accessories. We’re also known for our unparalleled expert customer support.

Shopping for unfamiliar lighting products can be tricky, and that’s why our lighting specialists are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Transitioning to LED lighting isn’t just a smart long-term investment—it’s also the environmentally responsible decision. Start enjoying tremendous savings with LED lights at home, at work, or anywhere else where you’re still depending on outdated lights. Place your order online now.

LED lights offer a suite of benefits that make them appealing to homeowners and business operators alike. They can realize energy savings, they last for tens of thousands of hours, they produce little heat and can keep HVAC costs down, and all while offering great color temperature options.


However, LED lights need a driver and are not designed to be used with the fixtures intended for incandescent bulbs or other recessing lights and lighting kits. Retrofit LED lights, however, are designed to be used with existing lighting fixtures and many lighting retrofit kits are easy to install. Check out our collection of LED retrofit kits which are ideal for use with existing fixtures, and give our customer service team a call if you need assistance parsing the details.