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Lighting an indoor warehouse, gym, supermarket, distribution area, garage or shop can be difficult. Today it is much simpler and more economical to do  with LED high bay light fixtures. LED light fixtures are the go to fixture making metal halide and fluorescent options a thing of the past. For high ceilings in spaces (12-50ft) the LED high bay light fixture outshines the competition. After installing these LED high bay fixtures you will notice improved visibility, energy reduction and lower cost to maintain your lighting.

At we understand the nuances of choosing the right LED high bay lighting for your next project or retrofit. We have multiple options in high bay lighting from UFO round high bays, T8 lamp ready high bays and our more popular 2 foot rectangular high bay fixture. Our high bay LED fixtures produce 10,000 to 40,000 lumens and on average have an L70 life of 100,000 hours. We have a great selection of high bay fixtures for harsh environments such as manufacturing facilities, barns or gyms where dust, moisture and basketballs can be problematic! We also have standard 2x2 rectangular LED high bays which prove to be the most widely used and cost effective model on the market right now. 

When you are ready to change out your old metal halide high bays or fluorescent 4 foot or 8 foot fixtures in your warehouse let us know. We are here to help. We have a team of experts that love to help customers "see the light"! Our goal is to be able to help you switch to LED high bay fixtures with ease. We know how important reliability is when it comes to commercial and industrial lighting, which is why we provide only the high quality LED high bay lights.  Since 1981 we have understood how important it is to have high quality products. Our manufacturer warranties are the best in the business. LED high bay lights have become a popular choice, and with fixtures in stock from Halco Lighting, Lithonia Lighting, Eiko and others, we have you covered. 

Lighting up a warehouse, indoor bay or any other large indoor space requires a lot of light output. A lot of large indoor spaces are lit with HID lamps or fluorescents because of the high-quality nature of the bright white light they emit. However, more and more organizations are turning to newer, more energy-efficient solutions to replace some of these. Specifically, with respect to fluorescent tube lighting for workshops and garages, there are some LED replacement alternatives to fluorescent bulbs such as 8 foot LED bulbs. Investigate our collection below and reach out to our team if you need more information.