LED Fixture Downlight 4 to 9.5 Inch

Show Filters has energy-efficient LED down light solutions for remodeling or new construction lighting projects.

4 Inch LED Down Lights

4 Inch LED down lights are commonly used in residential lighting applications such as kitchen areas, bathrooms or hallways. They are very effective and pack a punch for their small size. There are different types and styles of LED down lights on the market. Most common types are designed to fit inside an aluminum can housing that is mounted above the ceiling. Another popular type is the 4 inch LED Wafer™  down light for ceilings. These are used in "canless" applications and have an ultra thin design so they can be used in applications with tight spaces or where there is not room to install a can. The Wafer™ is designed for installation in new construction and or retrofit. They can be difficult to install inside an existing can light as they have an LED driver that is separate from the LED wafer light. In these instances it is best to use a standard retrofit type. We offer 4 inch LED down lights and wafers from names you can trust like Lithonia Lighting and Halco Lighting. If you need help deciding which LED down light is right for you. Give us a call or let's chat!

5-6 Inch LED Down Lights

The most popular size of LED down light is the 6 inch LED down light. These are commonly used in commercial applications and residential applications for lighting conference rooms, hallways and larger spaces. By far the most popular type of 6 LED down light that we sell is the "canless" LED Wafer™  light. The LED 6 inch wafer down light fixture replaces a 60-75W incandescent down light fixture. The sleek design and ease of installation of the wafer make them a go to fixture in new construction applications. The ultra thin wafer down light fixture is extremely easy to install and has as little as a 2 inch plenum clearance. This fixture is great for shallow ceilings or places where a pot light housing is not required. The fixture is approved for direct contact with insulation and has a remote driver box for easy connections and safe installations. These fixtures are wet location rated and dimmable with approved dimmers.

8 Inch LED Down Lights

The 8" Wafer™ LED Downlight by Lithonia Lighting is a great option for replacing commercial metal halide down lights. The Wafer™  LED down light is offered in 120-277 Multi Volt versions and Switchable color versions. These fixtures provide high-quality light output and efficiency featuring a switch for easy color temperature adjustment - while eliminating the need for recessed housings. Options for light output are available in 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k and 5000K. The innovative, sleek, slim design allows for easy retrofit, remodel or new construction installation from below the ceiling. The Wafer LED downlight is wet location listed – making it ideal for use in a breadth of outdoor residential, hospitality, commercial and multifamily applications.

9.5 Inch LED Down Lights 9.5 Inch Commercial Down lights that have been designed and engineered for retrofit or new construction installation. Our 9.5 inch down light features adjustable lumen output for three distinct lumen levels. The CDL is universally compatible in existing architectural and commercial housings and features easy-fit installation with adjustable spring-action housing clips. Simply install this retrofit solution and turn ON the savings. The adjustable housing clips allow for installation in a large range of commercial and architectural housings ranging from 8.6''-10.4'' (220-265mm). These spring-action clips push up easily and fit securely for both retrofit and new construction installations. 

LED Down Lights You Can Trust

Our LED Recessed Retrofit down lights are the ideal replacements for all types of traditional lighting sources. We have the industry's most popular four- and six-inch recessed down light fixtures along with 8 and 9.5 inch commercial versions. LED Recessed Retrofit down lights are a unique and affordable solution for your commercial building. These new LED retrofit modules offer a brand new look to old fixtures, so give your building a new cleaner look with an LED retrofit module from 

Recessed lighting is a staple of many indoor areas, as it provides maximum clearance while still affording sufficient ambient lighting. On this page, you will find recessed light bulbs and recessed fixtures that are ideal for a number of indoor task lighting ideal for living rooms, hallways, other common areas, and more. In this collection, you will find a number of LED light bulbs that are energy efficient and offer great color temperature. Feel free to investigate our site for other examples of incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent bulbs as well as other recessed lighting fixtures, including LED wafer lights which are not only energy-efficient but also great in areas with restricted plenum space.